Student Leadership

2015-2016 Leadership Council Members“People forget how fast you did a job-but they remember how well you did it. The price of greatness is responsibility. We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems. Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.”Student leadership within the Conservatory is a primary and vitally important element of the program. Students are elected by their peers each year to the positions listed below. Students are encouraged to try out for more than one position and should read each position description carefully and see where they feel they can best serve. Depending on needs and circumstances each year, not all positions may be filled every year.

Band President
The President’s role as head of the band council is instrumental in implementing band related functions such as Council Meetings, delegating responsibilities, summer rehearsals, discipline and maintaining excellence throughout the Conservatory. This student’s primary functions are: (1) Be a problem-solver; (2) Enforce the Conservatory’s standards and hold each member of the Leadership Council to their individual responsibilities. (3) Serve as liaison between students and directors.

Grade Level Vice-Presidents
The vice presidents assist with the implementation of the President’s programs, including: (1) develop ways of building teamwork and pride within the grade level; (2) liaison between students in the grade level and the Band President; (3) communicating standards and information to students in the grade level.

Drum Major
The Drum Major(s) will be chosen by audition on material selected by the Director. The number of Drum Majors will be decided by the director at the time of the audition. Uniforms are also selected by the director. The basic duties of the Drum Major(s) include: (1) attend all band functions; (2) be responsible to the Director for the conduct and actions of the band at all times, and for the execution of all band duties assigned; (3) take charge of the band in all types of situations. (4) assist the Director in maintaining discipline and order; (5) assist the Director with marching drills, inspection, planning, and special activities; (6) promote band standards and pride; (7) attend all band council meetings; (8) coordinate, monitor and supervise the section leaders; (9) insure that all rehearsals begin on time; (10) insure that at the end of an evening rehearsal the facility is locked up and clean; (11) organize and maintain the music and drill staff books and insure they are ready for every rehearsal.

Tech Crew
The Tech Crew must know how to use and set up equipment. Responsibilities include: (1) get all equipment on the field and setup before the band arrives; (2) pack up equipment at the end of rehearsal; (3) insure equipment is working properly before a trip; (4) coordinate with the previous school year’s tech crew to learn how to setup and use equipment.

Section Leaders
The basic duties of Section Leaders include: (1) conduct memorization and playing checks on music; (2) maintain discipline and pride within the section; (3) call and conduct section rehearsals on a regular basis; (4) play a Solo or Ensemble at S&E Contest and organize solos and ensembles within the section; (5) assist the Director with inspection and marching drills as needed; (6) attend all meetings as required; (7) recruit new members for the section. Section leaders are required to also take private music lessons.

The basic duties of the Secretary include: (1) handle all band correspondence and clerical work; (2) perform office duties and write the schedule on the white information board on a weekly basis; (3) appoint assistants as necessary to help with certain minor duties; (5) attend all meetings and take notes and take attendance at all rehearsals; (6) assist the drum major with Staff books and drill charts; (7) responsible for all drill in the Fall.

The Band may elect one or more quartermasters. The basic duties of the quartermaster(s) include: (1) load all needed equipment for performances; (2) keep inventory of all school-owned instruments; (3) organize the loading and unloading of the busses and equipment trucks on all trips and events.

The Guard Quartermasters are responsible for all inventory relating to color guard and will insure that the guard box is at all rehearsals and performances.

The Percussion Quartermaster is in charge of all percussion inventories and maintain a record of all equipment and mallets. The Percussion quartermaster must insure that the equipment is moved to and from rehearsal efficiently and safely.

Field Commander
The basic duties of the Field Commander include: (1) maintain discipline on the filed during rehearsals; (2) ensure that rehearsals start on time and everyone helps at the end of rehearsals; (3) maintain order in the stands during football games; (4) serve as back-up to the Drum Major and can conduct the entire show in case of an injury or an illness to the Drum Major; (5) conduct “trash” music in the stands at football games; (6) assist in making sure that our instructional staff is thanked and appreciated.

The basic duties of the Historian include: (1) maintain an up-to-date scrapbook of all band events, including pictures, and other information; (2) advertise and promote band events, including pictures and other information; (3) plan and assist with the video yearbook for the annual banquet presentation.

Website Manager
The basic duties of the Website Manager include: (1) works with the webmaster on the maintenance of the web site; (2) consistently updates information from week to week on the site; (3) collects pictures from recent events and posts them on the site; (4) collects articles and links that pertain to music education and leadership; (5) post monthly announcements for our alumni.

Publicity Manager
The basic duties of the Publicity Manager include: (1) write articles and news releases for the band newsletter, the school newsletter, and the local media; (2) writes up a morning announcement after competitions and has them read on Tarpon Talks.

The basic duties of the Librarian include: (1) maintain the music library; (2) maintain a system for collecting and distributing all music; (3) maintain a computer database for all our music; (4) track and maintain any music that is borrowed and keep a record of who has that music; (5) collect all music at the end of the year; (6) prepare parts for distribution and have the correct number of copies.

Brass/Woodwind Captain
The basic duties of the Brass/Woodwind Captain include: (1) oversee their section leaders and monitor their respective progress; (2) begins warm-up when the Directors are not available; (3) insures that their sections leaders are holding sectionals through the summer break and other holidays; (4) insures that every student is participating in solo and ensemble and is receiving coaching on their solo or ensemble piece; (5) insures that the sections locker area is clean and organized.

Student Conductor
The basic duties of the Student Conductor include: (1) conduct the wind ensemble at The Florida Band Masters Association District Concert Festival (and be rated on same); (2) seek training in the development of his/her conducting skills; (3) serve as a positive role model within the group and maintain high standards of etiquette and musicianship at all times.


“The difference between impossible and possible lies in a man’s determination. You can make a difference and everything you do matters!”