Orchestra Director: Diane Suris

String Orchestra is offered to students with previous or no string experience. Its purpose is to study and perform standard string and limited full orchestra literature of varying styles. A moderate to advanced proficiency level is necessary in order to prepare literature. Periodically, there are special events, rehearsals, or concerts during non-school hours. Participation in such activities is an essential extension of the course and will be considered in the grading process. Selected members of the Wind Ensemble will join the String Orchestra to provide students with a full orchestral experience. Students at this level are required to audition for All-County and All-State.
  • To promote classical music appreciation in school.
  • To provide enrichment in the cultural life of Tarpon Springs High School students.
  • To inspire and enhance artistic skills in the realm of classical music.
  • To encourage teamwork, perseverance, and a sense of belonging to the Tarpon Springs Leadership Conservatory.
  • To reach out to members of the public via community involvement programs and public performances.