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The application period for Pinellas County Magnet Programs begins January 4, 2017.

Information regarding the application process is available at

The Tarpon Springs High School Leadership Conservatory for the Arts is a countywide magnet program open to students throughout Pinellas County. For information on the application process to the magnet program, please refer to the Pinellas County Schools website on magnet programs. The application period for all magnet programs is in January and February of each year. Please refer to this link for the key dates and process for the current year.

The Pinellas County Schools website provides all prospective magnet students with the most up-to-date information regarding the application process and how to become a part of the Conservatory.  We encourage incoming and prospective students to review all areas of the website to become familiar with the requirements for admission. Also, confirmed incoming students and their parents should subscribe to our email list for informational updates.

We invite all students to take a look at our Leadership Conservatory for the Arts program and what it has to offer YOU. We have designed the music curriculum to include something for everyone whether you play an instrument or not. There are classes for the student who:

Desires to perform as an elite member of one of our “award winning” music ensembles.

Wants to learn to play a musical instrument.

Loves to dance and would like to improve their skills as part of a world-class performance  ensemble.

Enjoys listening to a variety of music.

Choosing to become a member of our Conservatory can benefit you in many ways. For those of you who are just entering high school, the music program can become an instant family and help make a somewhat scary transition much easier.   The skills you learn in our program are the same skills that will make you a successful individual no matter what career you choose. The members of Leadership Conservatory for the Arts are totally committed to self-discipline, individual responsibility, and excellence. The staff is totally committed, not only to teaching students to become better musicians, but also to help them become better people.

Each spring, we hold an “Ice Breaker” event for new students and their parents.  Ice Breaker is a fun-filled day for students and families.  You learn about our philosophies, show music, and are afforded the opportunity to meet your band family.  We also provide detailed information about requirements and activities for Conservatory students. Ice Breaker usually occurs the first Saturday in June each year.  Please check the Band Calendar for the specific date.

Parents are encouraged to support their student and become active in the Tarpon Springs Band Booster organization. For additional information on the Boosters and parental expectations, please review the Band Booster page.

We are excited about all the wonderful opportunities the Conservatory has to offer students. Our success is a direct result of our hard work and dedication.  We look forward to sharing with you our program, our vision, and our goals.  For more in depth information, please review our Magnet Brochure.

Top 10 Reasons To Include MUSIC In Your Schedule

10.     Satisfies the Fine Art credit required for graduation;
9.      Meet new people and make close friends amongst our Music Fraternity;
8.      Benefit from the rewards of hard work, self-discipline, and a commitment to excellence;
7.      Learn lessons that apply far beyond the realm of music;
6.      Benefit from rewards of hard work, self-discipline, and a commitment to excellence;
5.      Perform in numerous events in front of 500,000+ people within a year;
4.      Travel and experience various places both within and outside of Florida;
3.      Be among the over 70% of the music students who are on the honor roll or dean’s list.
2.      Increase your chances at scholarship money for college.

And The #1 Reason Is . . .
Be a member of an award winning, quality program and have something to be proud of when
you graduate!

“Our instrumental music education program is cosmopolitan, giving recognition to the values in all kinds of music.” – Kevin Ford

Read more about how music education can improve students’ overall education and future potential!

An Open Letter to Parents about the Importance of Private Lessons

How Can You Become a Member?  

It is simple! 
Contact your guidance counselor in Student Services to include any of the Conservatory Curriculum courses in your schedule. You may also contact the Conservatory for additional information.


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