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The following courses are available for every Leadership Conservatory Student. The curriculum is a full year commitment. In order to receive the Medallion of distinction and seal of completion upon graduation, students must successfully complete all course requirements.

Magnet Student Curriculum Requirements:

Freshman: Ensemble Course and Freshman Leadership Course

Sophomore: Ensemble Course and Music Theory/Dance Techniques

Junior: Ensemble Course and Music Technology/ Dance Techniques

Senior: Ensemble Course and AP Academic Course/Dance Techniques

*Dance Techniques required only for color guard and dance students.

The symphonic wind ensemble is a concert organization, devoted to granting the composer and his audience the most faithful performances of his music. It is an ensemble, which calls upon the strictest disciplines possible. This particular ensemble has performed in the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City, The San Francisco International Wind Festival in San Francisco, California, Chicago Symphony Hall, The Lincoln Center in New York City, The John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center in Washington DC, and The Bands of America National Concert Band Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This ensemble provides a “society” and “family” to which all band students can belong. It is a place where students learn values and standards, where they can learn to depend on one another in their pursuit of excellence. They learn about responsibility, doing their fair share, and sticking to a common goal. They learn to value people, respect their peers and not make judgments on the superficial. They frequently acquire a stronger base for their adult life than any other avenue open to them. This particular ensemble is the most accomplished marching band of any in the Southeastern United States.  It has been a 7-time Bands of America Division AA and AAA National Champion. Every student must participate in the marching band unless they are a string or double reed player.

This ensemble performs the true American art form known as Jazz.  The Jazz Ensemble studies and performs a variety of musical styles ranging through the 110 year history of Jazz music.  Students in this ensemble focus heavily on the study of Jazz Improvisation.  This Ensemble plays at over 20 performances per year and have performed along side Wycliffe Gordon, Marcus Printup, Scotty Barnhart and several others.  In 2010, this ensemble received the Mark of Excellence, National Jazz Honors Award.  Additionally, this ensemble has been selected to perform twice at the prestigious North Texas Jazz Festival in Dallas, Texas, three times at the Savannah Music Festival’s Swing Central Jazz Competition in Savannah, Georgia, and will be performing at Berklee College High School Jazz Competition in Boston, Massachusetts in 2015.  This particular ensemble has received straight superiors at every FBA Jazz District Festival since 1994

The ensemble is made up of all percussionists and pianists. They perform some of the finest percussion ensemble literature written. The members of this ensemble have the opportunity to explore numerous percussive instruments and various styles and techniques. This ensemble is one of nine percussion ensembles to be selected to perform at The Bands of America National Concert Percussion Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana and The WGI Concert World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.

All percussionists must take Music Theory class regardless of what ensemble they will perform with, e.g. Jazz, Symphonic, Marching Band.

This class offers serious music students the opportunity to learn about all aspects of Western Music, ranging from harmony, analysis, and composition. The concepts presented in this course are the inner workings of all music and serve to open up the musical intellect and esthetic appreciation of this wonderful art form. In addition, this class is taught in a state of the art technology lab which allows the students to work and compose with cutting edge music software.

The Music Theory course is open to all students. If you’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument, it is not too late! This course is available to students who:

  • Would like to learn how to play a musical instrument;
  • Would like to learn a different instrument;
  • Play an instrument but would prefer not to participate in marching band;
  •  Who are proficient on their instrument and would like private instruction on a daily ba

The Student Leadership Course focuses on the aspect of leadership dealing with:

Attitude development Communication Skills

  • Positive Role Modeling
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Understanding in self-motivation
  • Sensitivity in working with peers
  • Responsibility assessment
  • Action plans to achieve group goals

This course combines dance, drama, performance, and the manipulation of flags, sabers, and rifles into a magical artistry of pageantry. This is now one of the most popular activities for girls in the high school curriculum. This outstanding performing group is an integral part of the marching band, which performs in the fall. In the spring, in addition to various dance recitals, these girls form a group called the Winter Guard.  Winter Guard performs in arenas in a presentation of pageantry theater incorporating a wide range of visual performance arts and choreography. This group is a ten-time WGI World Championship “finalist.”  In 2014, the Tarpon Springs High School World Guard was the WGI World Championship Scholastic World Champion.

This course is designed to develop strength and flexibility through modern and classical techniques. The techniques ultimately give a dancer the freedom and facility to pursue his or her own personal expression, and to adapt to the elective repertoires found in dance companies today. The class has been created to develop the physical and technical strength that propel a student toward artistic growth. Appropriate performance opportunities further provide the challenge necessary for a young dancer to develop confidence and stage presence.

The Tarpon Springs Leadership Conservatory for the Arts Offers:
Cambridge Academic Program:
 Tarpon Springs High School is one of the few schools in Pinellas County that is offering the Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education. Cambridge courses, which are internationally recognized, emphasize math and science; languages; arts and humanities. The Cambridge courses are recognized as the most prestigious for a scholastic curriculum internationally. Cambridge Certificate is the equivalent of International Baccalaureate certificate, but allows more scheduling flexibility so that a student can take arts courses successively through high school.

All aspects of music are taught, including composition, improvisation, history and music theory. Panels of critics will evaluate solo and ensemble performances. In addition, these students will be using a state of the art technology lab to assist in their studies and composing efforts.

As students enter the ninth grade, they begin in the conservatory by taking a leadership course with The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens as the textbook.

Students learn to pay attention to detail, focus, manage time, express themselves, think creatively, solve problems and set personal improvement goals.

Teachers focus on raising students’ test scores including college-entry exams and the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

Interview Skills: Conservatory students are coached and taught skills for a successful interview process.

Scholarships: Students are afforded the opportunity to be selected for exclusive scholarships available only to Tarpon Springs High School students.

Master Classes are taught by professional musicians.  Some of the musicians are from the Florida Orchestra and the University of South Florida. Not only do these accomplished musicians share their expertise with our music students, they also serve as a positive mentors whose success serves as a powerful role model.

 We strive to provide our students with a professional master class setting once a month.

Please contact us for information about becoming a Conservatory student or volunteer!

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