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2017-2018 District Application Period Begins January 4, 2017

Application Process 

During this period, students can apply to district choice programs based on their interests, talents, and abilities.

All students enter application programs using the online application process in the Student Reservation System found on the Pinellas County District website.

By their application to any program, families and students agree to abide by the practices in that school for which they are making application (e.g. no participation in sports or the extra-curricular activities of any other Pinellas County public school).

Applications are not transferable and are effective only for the application year.

All interested applicants, including siblings and the children of fulltime employees in the school, must apply for computer random selection.  Application and acceptance deadlines and requirements apply to all applicants.  Reapplication is not necessary once a student is enrolled in a program as long as the student/family continues to meet the conditions of the school.  All students eligible for a priority from feeder elementary programs to the related middle school programs or feeder middle school programs to related high school programs, must complete the application process. There is a feeder pattern priority from fundamental middle school programs to the fundamental high school programs but there is no feeder pattern priority into any other high school application programs.


Although not required by law to do so, Pinellas County Schools provides school bus transportation for magnet and career academy program students who live more than two miles from their school.  In order to keep the length of the bus ride as short as practicable, students are provided arterial routing to the school.  Arterial routing restricts bus operation to main roads and limits the number of stops.  In some cases the bus stop may be farther from the student’s home than an area school stop.

Key Dates

January 4 – 13, 2017: District Application Programs application period. Parents may log on to the district’s online Student Reservation System and submit an application using a Parent Portal User ID and Password.   

February 8 – 15, 2017: Acceptance period for programs.

March 22, 2017: District Late Application Process Begins

Shadowing Opportunities

The best way for your student to experience the opportunities available to them through the Conservatory Magnet, is for them to make an appointment to “shadow” a Conservatory student.  Here’s how you do it: email Mrs. Heather Shan  Mrs. Shan will schedule a date for your student to visit our campus.  She will email a permission form allowing your student to be on our campus.  Mrs. Shan will also inform the instructors about the date of your student’s visit.  This is a great way for your student to become familiar with the campus, the program, and the “family” of students with whom he or she will be spending the next four years.

Official 2016 Pinellas County Schools Magnet Program Information and Application Process (2017 Version will be added when available)

In January 2008, the Leadership Conservatory for the Arts at Tarpon Springs High School became the District’s 11th countywide magnet program. The Conservatory is a world-class learning center of excellence that creates a discovery zone for developing musicians, dancers and artists. This program integrates leadership skills, performing arts, rigorous academics, and technology into a seamless curriculum that prepares today’s students for the shift to tomorrow’s challenges. Students without extensive formal training who want to develop their talent and have the desire to be leaders are welcome to apply.

Enrollment in our Magnet is open to incoming 9th graders from Pinellas County.  Students may select one of two tracks:

Leadership Through Instrumental Music: Band, Orchestra, Dance, Color Guard

Leadership Through Vocal Music: Vocalists

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